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Political Parties and Stock Markets Since 1900 Thumbnail

Political Parties and Stock Markets Since 1900

Does the party occupying the White House affect the U.S. stock markets and other economic measurements? How does the party controlling Congress affect markets? While it’s interesting to review history and try to answer those questions, before we draw any conclusions, we should at least acknowledge that “past performance is no guarantee of future results.” And that is especially true this year as virtually everyone would agree that COVID-19 has thrown the 2020 election into unchartered territory.

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Beware of the High Fees in 401(k) Plans Thumbnail

Beware of the High Fees in 401(k) Plans

High annual 401(k) fees hurt your investment returns every single year! Remember when 401(k) sounded like something only a chemist knew about? Now we all receive 401(k) statements routinely – including information about fees. Here’s what to do if the fees rise. When 401(k) plans’ fees hit 2% annually, they introduce a tremendous drag on your investment returns over the long term.

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