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Our Company


Financial Freedom Planners™ was founded by Charles Roberts, a Certified Financial Planner™ professional, based on his personal and professional experience.  He saw a flaw in the way most financial planning was offered. He felt that the client was frequently getting lost in the haze of conflicts of interest, fees (hidden or not), product sales, ever- increasing financial complexity, asset minimums and Wall Street Mumbo Jumbo. He knew looking for Financial Advice can be confusing and many times intimidating. At Financial Freedom Planners our  “Why” is to provide an alternative to those needing it most. 


Seeing the inherent conflicts of interest, Financial Freedom Planners offers a better way to work with people on important life matters. This philosophy forms our commitment to offering financial planning solutions through hourly and project-based engagements. We are in a rather unique space in the Richmond market (by design), and we were recognized in a Forbes Magazine article as one of only 115 Financial Advisor firms in the country (and the only one in Richmond) that act as true Fiduciaries, with no Asset Under Management fees or sales commissions. Unlike most Financial Advisors & Wealth Managers, we are focused on the under-served majority of Americans. We feel this is where the greatest need is, and where we can add the most value.

Some of our value proposition points are:

  • We act as fiduciaries on behalf of our clients.
  • Unbiased Advice with no conflict of interest.
  • We gladly work with other advisors the client may have.     
  • The engagement is clear, transparent, and agreed to in writing at all times. It can be customized in any way suitable to the client and their budget.        


One of the unique principles at Financial Freedom Planners is no net worth or investable asset requirements to become a client. After many years of increasingly greater complexity, uncertainty, and economic challenges facing American families, they felt compelled to serve people from all walks of life ... not just the affluent or the wealthy. The firm's mission is to help make competent, objective advice accessible to all people.

After many years of increasingly greater complexity, uncertainty and economic challenges it is our belief average Americans need someone to be their financial advocate. How do we achieve all this you fairly ask? The answers, while simple, are not necessarily easy. 

  1. Expertise – We are Board-Certified Financial Planners as CFP®s. 
  2. Experience – We have over 40 years of experience in Financial Services, and are uniquely qualified to guide our clients in the proper direction. 
  3. Fiduciaries – As CFP®s, members of the Garrett Planning Network, and Registered Investment Advisors, we are duty-bound to follow the Fiduciary Oath. Simply put, that means always putting our client’s best interests FIRST. 
  4. No conflicts of interest. 
  5. Accessibility – Because of our model, we are making competent, objective financial advice accessible to all people. 
  6. Tools – Financial Freedom Planners has some of the most sophisticated and technologically advanced planning tools available. We can interface with our clients on their computers, smart phones, and smart pads.

MEet our team

Next Steps to Financial Freedom

Contact our team to take the next step to financial freedom. Whether you just have questions or you want to learn more about how we will work together, we look forward to making a positive impact on your life and financial future.


 A complimentary phone call designed to give you a general idea of how we're set up and answer your questions to determine if we're a good fit for what you're looking for. 


Our complimentary "Getting to Know You" meeting is 45 minutes to an hour depending on questions. Our only requirement is to complete a Confidential Questionnaire prior to meeting.